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Our Guarantee.


Garry is a Managing Partner at Si Vales Valeo Real Estate (SVVRE), where he brings exceptional knowledge of multi-family, retail, and office properties — along with experience in landlord representation, property management, marketing and sales.

This well rounded background, coupled with his ethical convictions, enable him to deliver seasoned, trustworthy advice to his clients.

As a licensed real estate agent, Garry is skilled at guiding clients through all phases of real estate. He primarily focuses on consulting during the hold period of ownership to align with clients’ best interests before representation of the asset disposition.

He also enjoys providing valuations, underwriting, purchase negotiations, and sale agreements. As someone who gives great attention to detail, Garry also excels in due diligence, and reviewing leases, titles, surveys and zoning reports.

Garry also has established relationships with a vast network of attorneys, 1031 tax specialists, appraisers, title companies, lenders, property managers and other industry professionals who can help achieve his clients’ goals.

Garry Schloemer
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Our Guarantee

You deserve to work with a team you can count on. Our dedication to your satisfaction is backed by our client bill of rights. This outlines our fiduciary responsibility to you. 

Under this declaration, we promise to put your well-being before our profit. We promise to serve, not sell. That’s certainly not a standard practice — but it’s one of the many ways we do business better.

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Charting Paths to Full Potential 

Client’s Bill of Rights

based on ORC 4735.62

As your partner, you can expect from us the following fiduciary duties:

  • Accounting: We will account for all funds entrusted to us by you, the client, and not commingle your funds with personal and/or business funds.
  • Care: We will use all of our skills to the best of our ability on behalf of you, the client.
  • Confidentiality: We will keep confidential any information provided by you, the client, especially information that may be damaging to you in a negotiation.
  • Disclosure: We will disclose to you, the client, any information received that may benefit your position in a negotiation.
  • Loyalty: We owe undivided loyalty to you, the client, and put your interests above our own.
    Obedience: We will obey all lawful orders given by you, the client.