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Multi-family News

How to Buy a Multifamily Property

Investing in commercial properties like multifamily units is quickly becoming a popular choice amongst real estate investors because of the opportunity it creates to make

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Multi-family News

What Is LDD Due Diligence?

The main reason due diligence is conducted in every commercial real estate transaction is to ensure that all provided facts about the property are valid

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Multi-family News

Market Analysis

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Client’s Bill of Rights

based on ORC 4735.62

As your partner, you can expect from us the following fiduciary duties:

  • Accounting: We will account for all funds entrusted to us by you, the client, and not commingle your funds with personal and/or business funds.
  • Care: We will use all of our skills to the best of our ability on behalf of you, the client.
  • Confidentiality: We will keep confidential any information provided by you, the client, especially information that may be damaging to you in a negotiation.
  • Disclosure: We will disclose to you, the client, any information received that may benefit your position in a negotiation.
  • Loyalty: We owe undivided loyalty to you, the client, and put your interests above our own.
    Obedience: We will obey all lawful orders given by you, the client.